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Richard Mallett

Qualified Sports Coach Specialising in Football

Richard Mallett is a qualified sports coach specialising in football. This blog will cover a variety of topics, delving into Mallett’s professional interests and personal hobbies.

Level 4 (UEFA A)

Football Coaching

Level 4 (UEFA A) qualification in Coaching Football and a degree in Sports Science
Mallett’s career focuses on football coaching – he has an FA Level 4 (UEFA A) qualification in Coaching Football and a degree in Sports Science – and as such, various aspects of football training and coaching will be explored

This blog will take a look at the best practices concerning nutrition for football players, sharing research and insights about nutrition for training, optimum performance and recovery. It will also discuss proper nutrition for football players, sharing tricks and tips from the industry.

Along with football-related content, this blog will share some of Mallett’s more personal interests, which include trekking and triathlons. Readers will explore the top destinations for trekking, as well as learning what equipment, clothing and accessories are advisable for a trekking holiday.

Mallett has taken part in a number of triathlons, so all aspects of triathlon training will be covered – such as the myriad health benefits and increased levels of fitness it brings. Exploring the basics of the sport, this blog will offer in-depth training advice for first-time competitors, as well as sharing tips and advice for triathlon competitors who hope to optimise their performance.

One of the best-known triathlons is Ironman, which is organised by the World Triathlon Corporation and consists of a 2.4-mile swim, followed by 112-mile bicycle ride and a 26.22-mile run. Richard Mallett is currently in training to take part in the Ironman UK 2020 competition, so this blog will share details and information about the competition, as well as exploring the history and stories behind Ironman.

To complement his strong interest in physical activity, fitness and sport, Richard Mallett is also interested in the role of food and nutrition. As a vegetarian, Mallett understands the effects that food can have on physical wellbeing. This blog will explore various aspects of the relationship between nutrition and health. Information about vegetarian and vegan diets can be found here, along with information and guidelines for building muscle on a meat-free diet.