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Born in Derby in 1983, Richard Mallett is a sports coach with a degree in Sports Science and an FA Level 4 (UEFA A) in Coaching Football.
Mallett’s career focuses on football coaching – he has an FA Level 4 (UEFA A) qualification in Coaching Football and a degree in Sports Science – and as such, various aspects of football training and coaching will be explored
Richard Mallet Coaching

The FA Level 4 qualification is the highest practical coaching course offered by the Football Association, which equips sports coaches with the relevant tactical and technical skills. Mallett’s qualification centres on the coaching and further development of players within an 11v11 environment. It builds upon the Level 3 qualification, with a focus on tactics, strategy, systems of play, trends within the game, and the principles of the England DNA.

With a strong interest in health and fitness, Mallett lives a varied, active lifestyle that aligns with his professional interest in sport. Mallett trains and competes in triathlons, including Ironman UK. Strength training, mountain biking, trekking and trail running are among the various sports and activities that Mallett enjoys, and he is currently in training for Ironman UK 2020.

Another of Mallett’s passions is nutrition and cooking, which compliments his love of sports and wellbeing. Mallett enjoys cooking and as a vegetarian he challenges himself to find exciting recipes and exotic ingredients, adapting recipes to create meals that are both delicious and nutritious.

Mallett has read widely around the topics of health and wellbeing, with one of his favourite titles being ‘The World’s Fittest Book’ by Ross Edgley. Edgley is a well-known figure in the fitness industry, having been active across sport, nutrition and fitness. An international athlete who played for Great Britain, Edgely went on to become involved in the academics of sport, graduating from the School of Sport and Exercise Science at Loughborough University before becoming a renowned strength and conditioning coach and performance nutritionist.

Outside physical fitness, Mallett is a music enthusiast, with house music being his favourite genre. Schedule permitting, Mallett also enjoys attending music festivals to hear new and exciting live music.

Travel is another passion, and it is one that Mallett has designed to complement his healthy, active lifestyle. Travel that focuses on an activity, such as trekking holidays, are a firm favourite with Mallett, who has trekked in a number of exotic and far-flung destinations including Peru, Argentina, Nepal, Japan and Tanzania.